WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT – Part 1 of 3

This site and all of its articles are based on the Word of YHVH Bible, which is an edited and annotated version of the King James Version. The Bible is also known as the Judeo/Christian Bible to designate the origins of the Old and New Testaments.

What life on this earth is all about is revealed in the Judeo/Christian Bible for our good instruction.

The Word of YHVH Bible is dedicated to the truth as originally intended within its entire context. As such, let it be understood that there is no diverse doctrinal intent in the Word of YHVH Bible version to distract believers from the pure truth of YHVH and Jesus.

 The translators of the 1611 Authorized King James Version stated:

“We never thought from the beginning that we should need to make a new translation, nor yet to make of a bad one a good one, …but to make a good one better, or out of many good ones one principal good one, not justly to be excepted against; that hath been our endeavor, that our mark.” (http://www.bible-researcher.com/kjv1.html)

The translator’s intentions were good, but their attention to Bible doctrine above Church doctrine was lacking. One of the most important doctrines, if it can be called a doctrine, is the name of our Creator. By substituting his name, YHVH, with ambiguous epithets, they left the door wide open for false interpretations of Bible doctrines.

I have published many articles and books about YHVH but let me again introduce this most amazing person who created the Universe in which we humans exist.

As far as we know, YHVH (YaHavah) has no beginning or end. That simply means we don’t understand that part of his existence because the Judeo/Christian Bible doesn’t elaborate on it. The Bible is the most complete book(s) about life on this planet from the creation of Adam. Long story short, it is all we really need to know to be happy and content in this existence.

Another thing we don’t understand is how YaHavah can be in every nook and cranny of his created universe of all the heavens and earth and still be on his throne in a place we can’t see. You must admit, that is amazing. We can’t see him, but we can see all that he has done, including the marvels of life. Some can even hear him speak, like Moses did. Wiggle your fingers. The technology of the human body is beyond anything that the human mind can conceive. Scientists are and will continue to try to understand it.

One thing the Bible teaches, that few people accept, is that YHVH (YaHavah) is the foremost teacher of Bible doctrine. The Bible is true. It is the intrusion of human understanding and alterations of the Bible that has made it seem not to be true or contradictory. The knowledge of YaHavah’s truth is an experience in the fullness of YaHavah’s Spirit under YaHavah’s anointing through Jesus Christ; which is to be born-again. The Bible’s teaching should be embraced in its absolute, yet, reachable truth. I created the Word of YHVH Bible (WYB) from the King James Version (KJV) by putting YHVH’s name back in it and modernizing the Old English style of writing as much as I could without altering its context and intent of YHVH.

It is my hope that the Word of YHVH Bible and its study companion books will instill the certainty of YaHavah’s truth into the hearts and minds of every Bible student.

Although the Hebrew name of our Creator is said to be too holy to speak, the Bible contains no such command. The root of the Hebrew tetragram, YHVH, is HVH (hävah), meaning to be or exist. The contraction of YHVH is YAH and is used forty-nine times: Exodus one time, Psalms forty-three times, and Isaiah five times. Phonetically, the Tetragrammaton name, YHVH, is pronounced YaHavah. Jews consider the four letters to be too holy to speak. This superstition most likely came from Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism with its teaching on the magic of holy names in the Old Testament. (http://www.jewfaq.org/kabbalah.htm)  However, be careful because the Bible makes it clear that magic and mysticism are sins against YaHavah.

This author’s simple solution to understanding and speaking God’s Hebrew name, YHVH, is in the pictographic version of its letters. Speaking His name says, “YHVH is my Elohim (hand symbol), in whom I ask counsel (stick person on knees symbol), serve (third symbol nose ring for bonded servant), and worship (fourth symbol).”

symbols 2

Most people’s understanding of the Bible comes from the doctrines of the church they or their parents attend. The church’s doctrine comes from a mix of many sources, mostly dating back to the second century to the sixteenth century. Some doctrines are as young as the twentieth century. People rely heavily on their church doctrines believing them to be true to the Bible. Most have never considered the need to test the spirit of them. They may not even know how to test the spirit. (I’ll explain what I mean by spirit later) The Bible can seem distant and full of mystery, while the words of a trusted family member, friend, preacher, or early church fathers can make one feel grounded.

Because of the many differences in doctrines, there is a growing uncertainty on the clarity of the Bible, particularly about who God is and the interpretation of end time prophecy. It is very likely the reason for the encroaching uncertainty is in the fact that the name of YHVH has been left out of the Judeo/Christian Bible from its inception nearly 2,000 years ago. The Word of YHVH Bible boldly proclaims the name of YHVH in both, the Old and New Testaments. The presence of his name shines the light of clarity on disputed doctrines.

Books of special interest:

Genesis—the first three chapters introduce the main characters in the greatest love story ever told.

Daniel—chapters are realigned by the years of the kings of Babylon and graphically annotated. Daniel was given YaHavah’s calendar for his timing parameters. I will demontrate the structure in a future article.

John—all of John’s writings, especially the Book of Revelation

Luke—introducing a forensic study of the birth of Jesus as a introduction to the Book of Luke.

Throughout Apostle John’s writings, he makes five things very clear about YHVH.  These five are the raw colors on the artist’s palette from which John mixed and made his strokes:

  1. YHVH Elohim is our one and only living Creator (Gen. 1:1-5; Jn. 1:1-5; 6:3; Prov. 1:23; Jn. 1:4)
  2. YHVH’s Spirit is the true light and life, aka, spirit and soul or intellect. (Jn. 1:4)
  3. Everything was created according to YHVH’s plan and reasoning (Is. 14:24; Rom. 11:33-36)
  4. YHVH spoke and Jesus was conceived, YHVH’s words spoke into being His only begotten son of YHVH (Jn. 1:14)
  5. Jesus was anointed in the Spirit of YHVH to be witness of same. (See the list of references for the anointing at the end of this introduction)

Relative to item 4—There were three unique phases of human creation that will never to be repeated from dust, bone, and created sinless sperm:

  1. Adam was created from the elements of the earth (Gen. 1:26-31, 2:6-9)
  2. Eve was created from a rib of Adam (Gen. 2:21-25)
  3. YHVH created the human sperm that conceived his sinless son in the womb of a certain favored virgin of Israel’s tribe of Judah. This sperm did not carry the human default sin of Adam.  No coital intercourse was necessary. After all, YaHavah can create in any manner he chooses but will always obey his own rules for what he has created.  This one happens to be for human reproduction. (Matt. 1:18-25; Luke 1:26-38)

The references to item 3 succinctly state the spoken words of YHVH in the conception, naming, and birth of Jesus that fulfill the prophecies of Jesus’ Son of YHVH (sinless) and Son of man (human) status.  There are more references to other conditions of Jesus’ conception and birth; such as found in the full explanation in the introduction to the WYB Version Book of Luke.

YaHavah is the one and only living Elohim (God), with no limitations.  Elohim is a plural form used primarily in the Bible as a word of deference for one greater than all or for one human over many. YHVH is the center of his Kingdom and his spirit and intellect, aka light and life, radiates in every direction from himself without any time or space limitations. YaHavah said so.

Jeremiah 23:23-24,   23 [Am] I Elohim at hand, said YHVH and not Elohim afar off?  24 Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? — Said YHVH. Do I not fill heaven and earth? — Said YHVH.”

Please note that YHVH Elohim said “I,” not “we.” He is one, not a group or family of gods. There is only one God, YHVH. Neither is he a godhead formed out of many gods, which is Satan’s way of hiding the truth of YaHavah’s singularity and purpose.

Note: The Word of YHVH Bible (WYB) and its two study supplements, “Word of YHVH Bible: Getting to Know Your Bible” and “Word of YHVH Bible: Glossary of Bible Terms” was produced by author, Mary E. Lewis who has forty years of intense Bible study to her credit. Ms. Lewis is a born-again Christian who is deeply concerned about the way the Church Jesus started in the first century has gone astray and into complacency concerning a multitude of interpretations and false doctrines. Getting back to the living roots of Jesus’ teaching is the goal of Ms. Lewis’ books.

Until next time

May the peace of YHVH’s spirit be with you and yours always

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