The Bible Has a Calendar

The following is an excerpt from my latest book, “The 2,466 Year-Old Calendar Nobody Could See.”….

“The Bible really does have a calendar lost in plain sight.  Daniel’s prophecy of seventy sevens of years laid out its structure, but it was never seen as a full calendar.  Theologians have only seen the timing from its beginning to the birth and death of Jesus.  They are waiting for the last seven years of the prophecy, without seeing the calendar as continuous to that time and beyond to the end.  There is no gap in the calendar of seventy sevens of years.

This calendar is in the Bible, so everything that leads to understanding it is also, in the Bible.  If persons are against examining the Bible to find the purpose of this calendar, then this is not the book for them.

Frankly, I always thought it boring to study Old Testament chronologies.  I discovered the importance of them when I decided to do this book to determine the correct beginning date for Daniel’s seventy-sevens timing.  It was a real challenge and eye-opener, and well worth it.  I refer to this booklet often in my personal Bible studies to clarify other things in the Bible.  I believe it is a necessary handbook for serious Bible and historical studies.

This is what the long lost and fleshed-out calendar looks like:


It will be fully explained throughout this booklet, during which time, the Bible will expose the doctrines that have impeded full knowledge of it.  Hopefully, the error of those doctrines will become evident to those who know of, or practice them. “

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The most reliable end time timeline available looks very different from the popular (and complicated) timelines developed by pre-tribulationists, mid-tribulationists, and post-tribulationists.  I have copies of all their charts, and believe me, they are confusing.  These three place the return of Jesus at different times during the last seven years of Daniel’s prophecy, but they all have one thing in common; they all interpret the seven seals (on the scroll with seven seals) as the last seven years.  What they don’t see is the imagery clues explaining that all seven seals are not unique to the last seven years.   The first four (the horsemen) are about choosing between Jesus or captivity for not believing and teaching the truth about the first and second coming of Jesus Christ; the fifth is the reward for choosing Jesus, making the timing for the first five seals past, present, and future.  Only seal seven describes the last seven years.  Seal six is specific to YaHavah’s promise of a second redemption for the twelve tribes of Israel; the first was from Egypt; the timing is at the sound of the seventh trumpet of seal seven.  These things are explained biblically in my books about them.  Only you can decide what you want to believe.  To do that, one must understand the options.

I invite you to examine my Word of YHVH Bible: Glossary of Bible Terms to see the Bible’s explanation of popular words and phrases used and queried by Christians today.

Let’s talk about this, after all, trusting the truth of the Bible is a matter of eternal life and death for teacher and follower.  The only fear anyone should have is the fear of YaHavah, which translates to full respect and love for him and his truth.  Even YaHavah invites dialog:

18Come now and let us reason together, said YHVH: though your sins are as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.  19If you be willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land: 20but if you refuse and rebel, you shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of YHVH has spoken [it].  (Isaiah 1:18-20)

About Mary Lewis *

Retired senior citizen and Christian writer. My ministry in writing is to encourage all people to learn how to test the spirit of what they see, hear, and think to see if it is from YaHavah, our creator, before they act on it. There is always something to learn about YaHavah and Jesus and never risk becoming a know-it-all.
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