The Precious Name of Our Creator

Musings from a Christian author–

By now you are probably wondering in frustration what the Hebrew name, YHVH, means and how to pronounce it, or why I pronounce it, YaHavah.

The root of a word determines the meaning and pronunciation of the whole word. This is a universal law of grammar. Once the root is known, pronunciation of a word or name is said to be fairly easy. We shall see.

The accepted linguistic definition of a root word is — A root, or root word, is a word that does not have a prefix (in front of the word) or a suffix (at the end of a word). The root word is the primary lexical unit of a word, and of a word family (root is then called base word), which carries the most significant aspects of semantic content and cannot be reduced into smaller constituents. (

YHVH is the Hebrew personal name of our Creator. The root word, HVH, pronounced hävah, means exist or be. Strong’s reference is H1933 and it appears six times in the OT. I pronounce YHVH phonetically, Yä-Hä-väh, based on the pronunciation of the Hebrew word, HVH, hävah.

If it is the name of our Creator, and it is in the Hebrew Scriptures, why isn’t it in English Bibles?  (note: YHVH Elohim is in the Word of YHVH Bible)

The translators of the original Hebrew scriptures substituted the name (YHVH) and epithet (Elohim) of our Creator with the English words LORD God, even though the words, LORD and God do not convey the heart and meaning of our Creator’s Hebrew name and epithet.

From Adam, up to and during, the Egyptian captivity, the Hebrew people only knew their Creator as El Almighty or the Mighty El. They used other epithet Hebraisms to describe the actions of his presence, power, and knowledge. Those Hebraisms are listed in my Glossary of Common Terms in Section IV–Epithets (Titles/Names).
YaHavah’s title of deference, Elohim, was introduced in Genesis 1:1. His name, YHVH, was linked to this epithet of deference in the Hebrew Scriptures of Genesis 2:4 as YHVH Elohim.

YHVH is a tetragram, meaning a word comprised of four letters. Believing the name YHVH is too holy to speak, Jews sometimes use the term, “Four Letters”, instead. They have other substitutions as well, but I will not go into that now. Yet, I have to wonder, if his personal name is too holy, wouldn’t any name for him be too holy, also? Wouldn’t thoughts about him be too holy to think?

I have read many arguments about the pronunciation of YHVH, some delving into the depths of linguistic explanation. However, I prefer the simplicity of the Bible that always works well on a need to know basis; it tells us what we need to know. The true name of our Creator is something Christians really do need to know.

The origin of the Hebrew alphabet was as pictograph representations of things in the lives of the people. The pictographic version is pure and unsullied by modern alterations of his name or rules of Hebrew grammar.

tbl-YHVH table

In the Hebrew Scriptures, each chapter of Psalm 119 begins with a letter from the Hebrew alphabet. Each chapter has eight verses. The verses in the YHVH table correspond to the appropriate chapter and letter as noted.

Reading the symbols from top to bottom–the solution of speaking God’s Hebrew name, YHVH, is in its pictographic form, where the reason for it can be seen. Speaking His name says to the world, “YHVH is my Elohim, in whom I ask counsel, serve, and worship.”

What do the Four Letters, YHVH,  mean to you?

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New Book– The 24/7 War of Good and Evil

Invisible, Yet Perceptible WAR

We humans have been engaged in an invisible, yet apparent war from the day Adam sinned against YHVH. That was more than 6,000 years ago, and its still raging.

The invisible war plays out in everything we think, hear, and see. It is going on in the secret places of human minds and manifests in everything from little white lies to horrific abominations. For the majority, conscience is the controller. But, there is a better way than conscience to control this enigma.

Check out this book full of surprises

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Biblical Baptism, What is it?

I recently launched publication of a book on biblical baptism. I didn’t check to see if the title had been used yet. Turns out here are four other books on Amazon with a similar title. What makes mine unique? Here is the title, “Is Water Baptism Necessary for Salvation? A Directory of Explanatory Scriptures.” I don’t know what other authors have said about this topical question, but whatever it is, mine is surely unique from theirs for many reasons. You can get a 10% sample peek of the contents to determine if it is something you want to explore. I hope you think it worthy of greater exploration and consideration of what the Bible really says about the difference between water baptism and Spirit baptism to salvation.

Share your thoughts.

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Free eBook

Enjoy this free Kindle eBook copy of my latest book, “The Invisible Bridge Between Heaven and Earth.” Informative with a dash of my odd sense of humor.
Offer good May 17-18 and May 24-25

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Learning to Live in Christ

As long as denominational differences exist, believers are not experiencing true Christian life in the Spirit of YaHavah under the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

Books are available in eBook and paperback

• Creation, Law, and History: Word of YHVH Bible Volume 1 (in paperback)
• Daniel’s Four Beasts
• Israel’s Poetry and Prophets: Word of YHVH Bible Volume 2 (in paperback)
• New Testament: Word of YHVH Bible Volume 3 (in paperback)
• Seven Spirits, Seven Lamps, Seven Churches
• The Invisible Bridge (focus on understanding Father, Son, and Spirit)
• The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Vol.1 The Writing on the outside of the scroll
• The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Vol.2 The Writing on the inside of the scroll (focus on Book of Life)
• The Scroll with Seven Seals
• Why Jesus Had to be Human
• Word of YHVH Bible: Discovering a Familiar Friend (Introduction to the Bible)
• Word of YHVH Bible: Glossary of Bible Terms
• Word of YHVH Bible: New Testament (complete in eBook format only)
• Word of YHVH Bible: Old Testament (complete in eBook format only)

I can understand the skepticism of trusting a new author. However, I am not new. I have been pushing books and articles for nearly forty years and giving thousands away for free. Then I discovered Amazon’s self-publishing opportunity. I’ve been told more than once that a person will not buy my books. Even when I have sent a free book most will not read it.

For those who choose not to purchase my books for whatever reason they have, you should know that there are many more persons who accept my free eBook offers each week or choose to read them free under Amazon’s free reader’s program than those who choose to buy the books. This is a great advantage to potential readers since they can quietly investigate before committing to what the books teach about the Bible. I have faith in the power of the truth and the Spirit. As more and more people come to the realization that YaHavah is strongly urging them to listen to him, more will buy the books for personal and group study.

I offer a free Kindle eBook title every week (Mon. thru Fri.) at To find out the current week’s title, go to The title being offered will have a $0.00 price. To read the book, you will need Amazon’s free Kindle Reader app available for any device.

The percentage of takers of my ongoing free eBook program every week accounts for at least ten times the purchases of the same titles, sometimes more depending on the content of each book offered. Monetary reward for the sales of my books is not as important to me as helping people attain a fresh and deeply rewarding Bible and Spirit perspective of the truth of YHVH and his seven spirits, as they are related to the first and second coming of Jesus Christ and true Christian life.

Testing the spirit of all doctrines is commanded in the Bible. I have the following in the first pages of some books and will soon have it in all of them. It is important that readers should know how to test the spirit of what they read to see if it is true to the Bible and Spirit of YaHavah.


Testing the spirit of everything to see if it is of YaHavah or the Tempter is essential to protecting salvation. Everything in the following chart was gleaned from the whole Bible but particularly Isaiah 11:1-5 and Proverbs. It was developed for a biblical way of testing the spirit of ALL religious doctrines, including Christian. The chart is also beneficial for testing the spirit of everything thought, heard, and seen in daily life. (This is the THSA process) The contents of this chart are the foundation of this author’s Christian life and writing.


The Spirit and Bible are the resources and focus for all testing; not by other doctrines. Study the differences between the upper and lower sections of the chart. Consider the FOCUS and DIRECTION (vertical or lateral plane). If the test is centered on the upper section, then consider the action you will take with a biblical focus. If the spirit, focus, and direction are solely human-related (lower section), further scrutiny is needed to determine if it is a temptation from Satan. If so, immediately cast it out in the name of Jesus.

May YaHavah bless and keep you and yours

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The Bible is Your Friend–Part 1-b

The Real Three Persons of the Bible

The Bible opens with the introduction of three persons, YaHavah, whose truth and presence created the universe we know and everything beyond, humans who were created by YaHavah and given the ability of choice, and Satan, the very evil fallen angel whose choice and agenda is always to pervert YaHavah’s truth for his own self-seeking reasons.

The interaction of these three, YaHavah, Satan, and humans, is demonstrated throughout the Bible starting with Genesis, and especially in the Book of Job.
There is nothing so important in studying the Bible as to watch for the love of YaHavah for his creation, their love for YaHavah, and their seeking of YaHavah’s counsel; all of which is the reason for the first and second coming of the son of YaHavah, Jesus Christ.

It is essential to read the whole Bible to draw from it the essentials of living and surviving in this world of turmoil. The Bible is a living book and must be digested for the Spirit of YaHavah to reveal his wisdom and love fully. True believers (reborn in the Spirit) live in the world but are not of the world.

As simplistic and mythical as it may sound, the central issue of the Bible is the war between YaHavah’s truth and Satan’s lies. It is the war between good and evil.
The bottom line of the contract of human existence is that every human has the freedom to choose whom he or she will believe. Adam demonstrated a fatal choice affecting the lives of all; while Jesus’ life and words demonstrate the living choice for those who believe YaHavah and Jesus and obey. Contrary to what some say, we are not preprogrammed or predestined. Biblical predestination simply means YaHavah preordained the solution to the angel Lucifer’s rebellion in heaven and corruption of humans. YaHavah gave us the option to choose his solution of righteousness. . . Or not.

Evil began in YaHavah’s heavenly realm when the brilliantly beautiful archangel, described in Hebrew as hêylêl, aspired to have YaHavah’s throne. (Isaiah 14:12) He is known by many names such as Lucifer, Serpent, Devil, and Satan. In Genesis 3:1, 14 he is called a serpent, but the better translation is a wily enchanter whispering twisted truth. The Hebrew word nâchâsh (Strong’s reference H5172/H5175) generally translated to serpent also means whisperer of magic spells or enchanter. Strong’s Bible Dictionary (ref. H5172) states, “A primitive root; properly to hiss, that is, whisper a (magic) spell; . . .” The one who spoke to Eve in the Garden of YaHavah was the evil angel Lucifer who was and is a fallen angel who is an enchanter, not a slithering snake.

Lucifer, aka, Satan deceived one-third of the angels of heaven to rebel against YaHavah, and there was war causing the renegade angels to be cast out of heaven forever. (Isaiah 14:10-15; Ezekiel 28:12-17; Revelation 12:7-12) In a manner of speaking, the angels were sifted and separated by the loyalty they held. Likewise, for humanity.

The tug-of-war between good and evil


Satan is the master enchanter and counterfeiter; he is the epitome of unrighteousness. Everything Satan does is a counterfeit of what he aspires to win, but will ultimately lose. Because of Adam’s original sin, Satan has the right to tempt every human being to turn against YaHavah and Jesus in whatever way he chooses. From the creation of humans to the White Throne Judgment, humans have been, are, and will be sifted, and separated by their choices between good and evil. It is imperative that humanity understands the reality and danger of this entity and the choices he presents as temptations.

YaHavah and his son, Jesus, are good (righteous), while Satan is evil (unrighteous), and humans are as grain being tossed about in the sifting process of their choices. YaHavah’s Law gave the tribes of Israel and any who would choose YaHavah with them, power over being tempted and oppressed by Satan. After the Law, Grace stepped in with Jesus giving his follower’s even greater power over temptation and oppression with favor from YaHavah and his presence in their born again lives. What the Law couldn’t do, grace can do. Even so, grace is based on the Ten Commandments of YaHavah and to be obeyed.

1. You shall have no other gods before me.
2. You shall not make any graven image or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth:
3. You shall not take the name of YHVH* your Elohim* in vain: for YHVH will not hold him guiltless that takes his name in vain.
4. Keep the Sabbath day to sanctify it, as YHVH your Elohim has commanded you.
5. Honor your father and your mother, as YHVH your Elohim has commanded you; that your days may be prolonged, and that it may go well with you, in the land which YHVH your Elohim gives you.
6. You shall not kill.
7. Neither shall you commit adultery.
8. Neither shall you steal.
9. Neither shall you bear false witness against your neighbor.
10. Neither shall you desire your neighbor’s wife, neither shall you covet your neighbor’s house, his field, or his manservant, or his maidservant, his ox, or his ass, or anything that is your neighbor’s.

When asked what the greatest commandment is, Jesus expressed the first four of the Ten Commandments as You shall love YHVH your Elohim with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. (Matthew 22:37; Exodus 20:1-17) Jesus then expressed the last six in this command as; you shall love your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 22:39) These commandments are the basis of salvation. (Luke 10:25-28)

To be continued in Part 1-c
Please share, thank you

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The Bible is Your Friend–Part 1-a

I know I haven’t been very consistent with my blogs, but that is changing right now. I believe strongly in being able to understand the Bible and allowing the Spirit of YaHavah (our Creator) to teach his understanding of it. Each blog will be excerpts from my books. Entries will be identified in parts beginning with Part 1-a.

There are more than 6,000 years of history in the 66 books of the Bible; a daunting bit of information to say the least, and reason enough for a multitude of misunderstandings about it. The first 4,000 plus years features the survival of a righteous line of peoples leading to the birth of the Son of YHVH, aka, Son of Man; this is called the first coming of Jesus Christ. The remaining 2,000 plus years is about the survival and subsequent salvation of Jesus’ disciples at his second coming.

The Bible is straightforward, says what it means, and means what it says. So in the spirit of truth and simplicity, here is a quick study of what the Bible is about.

The main characters:
1. YHVH—Creator of all
2. Jesus—Son of YHVH and Son of Man
3. Satan—son of deceit
4. Humans—created by and loved by YHVH

The catalysts and interaction or cause and effect:
1. Sin—original sin initiated by Satan through Adam
2. YHVH’s Law—given to identify sin
3. YHVH’s Grace—the gift of YHVH’s favor through Jesus
4. Salvation—escape from original sin and its final destruction by YHVH through Jesus

YHVH’s timing:
1. Creation of the heavens and earth—by YHVH and the reason for the creation of all
2. The gist of YHVH’s prophecies
3. The purpose of the first and second coming of Jesus Christ
4. YHVH’s calendar from beginning to end—Bible chronology and Daniel’s seventy sevens.

The stories of the Bible artfully weave bits and pieces about the characters, catalysts, and timing into the sixty-six books of the Bible. It’s pretty amazing that 40 writers wrote 66 books over a period of 2,000 years from Israel’s Wilderness Journey to John’s Revelation of Jesus Christ, and even more amazing that it is perfectly coordinated in context and purpose.

If the first Bible I picked up when I was a child had the simple explanations and guidance offered in this booklet, I probably would have become a born-again Christian then rather than many years later. That was around 1948; I was nine. The King James Version (KJV) with only Scripture references on the side or middle columns was the most commonly used Bible version in those days. The KJV contains the Old Testament (OT) and the New Testament (NT) written in 17th century Old English style. Because it contains the OT (Judean or Jewish text) and NT (Christian text), it is also known as the Judean/Christian Bible. The KJV is also the base of most other translations written in modern English, although it was compiled from other versions. Wikipedia presents an interesting history of the Bible at

We are blessed in this 21st century with a rich and instant source of information contributed by millions of people on the wide world web. I am thankful that I have lived long enough to experience it. However, the knowledge base is wide and does contain some discrepancies. As with anything, approach with caution.

In 1947, my family rented a house belonging to a Latter-Day-Saints, aka, LDS, family. They left a small LDS literature library in a built-in shelf unit in which there was a KJV Bible. I was only a child, but I had a deep hunger to find out who God and Jesus were, and since my family did not own a Bible and we were not permitted to discuss the subject of religion, I asked permission to read that Bible. Unfortunately, the Old English style of writing was too difficult for me, and I didn’t get past the first page of Genesis. Any Bible knowledge I received was from Christmas carols, and the Ten Commandments posted in the halls of the schools I attended. I was lucky because after I finished school, people who hate God were instrumental in creating a law forbidding the public posting of the Ten Commandments, especially in schools.

Religion was one of three topics that were not discussed in our household. The other two were politics and sex. That was my mother’s solution to avoiding discussions that were uncomfortable for her, even though these three topics are primary to having a well-rounded family and worldview education. Judging from some recent advertising experiences, I would say the world has gone full circle and is now back in the taboo of those three topics. Ignorance is one of Satan’s work tools and one of the seven spirits of lawlessness. (More on this topic later)

When I asked Mama how to respond to other people if they asked me what religion I am, she said I could say Christian or Protestant. She gave me no explanation of what either meant. I wonder now if she even knew the difference and simply repeated what she had been taught.

My parents taught my siblings and me right from wrong in a general sense of honesty, integrity, and love. With that said, I was still a Bible illiterate until I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at 40 years of age. Great things can happen at that age; Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt and his successor, Joshua, led them across the Jordon River into the Promised Land. So far, half of my life has been in the serious study of the Bible and passing on what I learn to others in the hope they can become more knowledgeable of Bible truth in the Spirit of Truth. The Spirit of Truth is the key.

Until the day I heard the gospel message of Jesus Christ, I had never read the Bible past the first page in 1948. I perused the front pages and learned there were, not one, but sixty-six books in one volume. I could not see how all of the different books were connected. I wanted to know about God and Jesus, but there was much more than that, and there was no indication of how to sort it out. There was no basic instruction on the content and use of the Bible in those days. How could I have possibly understood it without help, since I did not attend church and it wasn’t discussed at home? Frankly, I am thankful that the time for learning came later in my life. I settled in, married young, raised two daughters, and was widowed at the young age of thirty-seven. My eldest daughter is an atheist and activist for LGBT. She knows I cannot stand with her in these choices. It was a battle, but now we accept each other as mother and daughter and leave it there; with a prayer from my side. She is also an activist in educating the public on bipolar syndrome; since she herself is bipolar and overcoming it without prescription drugs. My second daughter is born again and stands with me in the truth of the Bible.

Today, even degreed Theologians mentoring and working together haven’t really understood the Bible. I don’t say this to attack them. They are simply repeating what they’ve been taught. The danger of a status quo state of mind is that it blocks the hearing of the truth that comes from the Bible. They know about the people and their history, but most of them don’t know the Judean/Christian Bible by the Spirit of Truth. Theologians are well-versed on the human failure of attaching alternatives and diversity to their understanding of the Bible, though they do not see this way of thinking as a failure. More on this later, also.

What are my qualifications for what I write about the Bible and Christianity? I follow the one and only golden rule; love YHVH with all your heart, mind, and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. It is the first step to becoming born again. I understand the Bible because my teacher is the one who inspired it. The Bible says YaHavah is our teacher. I not only believe it; my writing is proof of it. Theologians and ministers will say that, too, but their fruit says otherwise.

To be continued in Part 1-b

Please share, thank you

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New Book Announcement

Come with me for a stroll through Bible topics of great importance in your search for Bible truth; some of which are not being taught in our churches or are under the shroud of misconception. Each of us on this earth has the responsibility of making certain we make educated and right doctrinal choices. Investigate those choices with me and consider sharing this blog.

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The eBook Giveaway Continues….

eBook Giveaway Limited Time Promotion
Midnight 01/16/18 to midnight 01/19/18

For the next few months I will be giving away eBooks at

The current book topic is the SEVEN SPIRITS.

Have you ever wondered what the seven spirits in the Book of Revelation are about? There are thousands of suppositions and strange interpretations for them, but how does the Bible explain them?

That is what this giveaway is about to reveal from the Bible

The current giveaway is titled, “Seven Spirits, Seven Lamps, Seven Churches.”
This book is based on the first five chapters of the Book of Revelation.

All of the Revelation seems mystifying, but, the truth is, it is an easy book to interpret. You might think that’s a lot of hooey, so, I challenge you to read this little 72 page book and find out for yourself. I am certain it will surprise you in many ways. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

This is an open invitation to explore what you’ve never been told about the first five chapters of Revelation. And it doesn’t stop there. I have more books in this giveaway promotion that reveal more exciting things about the Revelation and your Christian walk.

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eBook Giveaway Campaign

January’s Giveaway Limited Time Promotion
Midnight January 10 to midnight January 12

Do you have trouble sorting out all the confusing doctrinal issues going on among believers of Jesus Christ? How can each of us know what teachings and trends to trust from yesterday, right now, and going into the future? What does the Bible have to say about this dilemma?

Trust the Bible and the Spirit: The Bible’s Tenets of Faith” is an easy to read and understand tutorial of Bible doctrine, including a comprehensive list of Bible names and titles for YaHavah, Jesus, and believers.

Click the title for the link to a FREE Amazon eBook copy for you.  Share the link with family, friends, and others. It will be available for free only a short time, so act quickly.

Check my website for other free eBook offers every month. Links to my author page and web — and Author Page
For those who like to have something meaty, yet short, I have a smaller 26 page paperback that is great for handouts, “Back to First Century Bible Basics.”
Feel free to contact me with comments or questions.
Enjoy and be blessed each day of your life with Christ.

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